My law office focuses on aggressive representation in Criminal matters for both adults and juveniles. Many times your appearance in court is not required. My offices are located in Orange County; however I provide representation in Orange, San Diego, and Riverside Counties. I offer legal services in the following areas:

  • All State Court criminal matters
  • Domestic Violence/ Attempted Murder
  • Drugs/Possession/ Sales/ Distribution
  • Assault/Battery/ Assault with Deadly Weapon
  • Theft/Robbery/ Embezzlement
  • Child endangerment / Abuse
  • Expungements – Clear your previous record
  • Probation Violations
  • Jail Release/Bail/Warrants Recalled
  • Payment Plans/Free Consultation

  • Many times no court appearance is necessary!
  • ALERT – You may be eligible for resentencing or sentence reduction under the new Prop. 47 law (Penal Code 1170.18). Even those in prison are entitled to sentence reduction and/or release based on the new law effective November 5, 2015.