My Cause

Stan Smith in MalawiSince 2005 I have  had the great opportunity to serve “the least of these” talked about in the Bible.

In March of 2012 myself and 4 friends started a new project called PB+J (peanut butter + Jesus) to provide fortified peanut butter to the severely malnourished in Malawi, Africa. 25 Million African children suffer from malnutrition; maximum production from existing producers covers less than 10% of the need. It is time to do something about the problem!! Join me in project PB+J. Our goal is to save children’s’ lives – NOW!

I am from Southern California and am married to the wonderful wife the Lord placed in my life, Sue, and I have been married since 1978. We have 4 grown children: Eric, Mark, Kristy and Jeff. We are also blessed with one grand child- Heather! I can’t believe I’m already a Grandpa! Time flies doesn’t it?

Thanks for allowing me to share my passion with you!

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